student management
student management
  • Access control (Checking attendance)
  • Detecting cheating during exams
  • School bus managment
  • Registration of meals
teacher management
teacher management
  • Access control (Timekeeping)
security & surveillance
security & surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Inccident detection
  • Scrimmage detection
  • Fire detection and alerting
parking lot management
parking lot management
  • License plate recognition
  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle detection
  • Color detection
  • Type of vehicle detection
  • Lower

  • Higher

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Why choose our solutions?

ATIN provide to you reliable solutions for boosting the performance of your hardware, with support for Edge Storage and failover servers for continuous and uninterrupted access to video.

Market leading accuracy for detection and classification across object classes, behaviors and attibutes analysis by using powerful AI algorithm.

Support for an unrestricted number of servers, cameras and users provides efficient central management of systems in all sizes.

Centralized search platform, multilayer maps and video wall support assure efficient investigation, intuitive camera navigation and immersive visualized situational awareness when responding to incidents.

Reinforce your system’s resilience to cyber security threats without compromising people’s privacy with an array of built-in security and privacy tools.

Expand the capabilities of your system based on your organization’s needs with leading solutions securely integrated using HawkAI open platfom

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