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Many companies nowadays face challenges in business and operation as technology changes in the digital revolution era. AT Innovations provides opportunities for your business as technology- and innovation-based business development is our core competence. 

We have strong partnership with a network of innovation-driven companies around the world and local big technology companies to ensure high quality solutions to support your business

Our Solutions

Agent Vi’s comprehensive video analytics offering includes software products for on-premise installations as well as cloud-based SaaS, with capabilities ranging from real-time video analysis and alerts to video search and business intelligence. The solutions are fully integrated with a variety of cameras, encoders, video management systems and alarm automation software

 Fleet Management: ERM’s Fleet Management solution is designed to simplify fleet management operations. With a goal to providing SIMPLE to understand, EASY to use and FAST to implement Fleet Management solutions, ERM offers advanced location and communication technologies thereby providing its customers with great flexibility, reliability and simplicity.

ERM offers a variety of Fleet Management solutions, designed to answer different needs and applications, such as for vehicles, motorcycles and assets. In addition ERM provides customized solutions for the changing needs of Entry level, Mid-level, and High-end tracking applications. 

ERM’s Fleet Management solutions offer the ‘Freedom to Choose’ and the ability to add unlimited additional features, at any time, in order to create for our partners enhanced business value to offer their customers.

Cloud Contact Center: Tikal Networks is an innovative provider of advanced contact center solutions. Our feature-rich contact center solutions were designed with your specific needs in mind by delivering the benefits of large, custom-built contact center systems at a highly competitive price.

Smart Lending Solution: The Paretix system empowers you to define, execute and monitor a credit policy that supports your business goals. You can decide to be aggressive with one loan product, and conservative with another, and can alter those decisions at any time. 

Your credit policy defines your credit approval policy (e.g. which applicants should be approved) as well as the amount that you are willing to lend to each customer and for each product type, while balancing between the need to grow with the credit risk of each loan.

To help you integrate digital lending, the Paretix solution includes tools to monitor the growth and credit quality of your collaborative lending portfolio, segmented into relevant dimensions like region, product type, etc.

In addition to these tools, our team will also guide you on insights into your new portfolio since fast growing credit portfolios in which the majority of credits have just been extended tend to show a very high level of volatility in risk profile, which can be confusing if not viewed within the right context.

Anti-Fraud Systems: Oculeus anti-fraud for telco operators protects Voice and SMS traffic on operational level against all known types of telco traffic fraud. Focusing on understanding what is normal and what is not the systems come with everything required to fight and prevent Fraud as efficient as possible within Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes


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